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International VPM Job Exchanges, Part 2

International VPM Job Exchanges, Part 2

In the last edition of e-Volunteerism, we took a look at an innovative work exchange between Volunteer Program Managers from Australia and Canada.

This issue we continue our exploration of international work exchanges, taking a closer look at a program offering an international perspective to colleagues from the United Kingdom and the USA.

Andy Fryar (Convening Editor)
During 2000, a partnership between Community Service Volunteers (CSV) in the United Kingdom and the Minnesota Association of Volunteer Directors (MAVD) in the United States, achieved a long planned dream of participating in a work exchange of Volunteer Program Managers from both countries. e-Volunteerism asked three participants about the first exchange between the two organisations: Arnie Wickens, the Director of CSV Consulting in the United Kingdom; Sandy Bergeron, Past President of MAVD; and Melissa Eystad, e-Volunteerism Editor of the All-Volunteer Groups feature area and the initiator of this exchange project.

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