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Managing Volunteer Conflict in Churches

Managing Volunteer Conflict in Churches

Do church volunteers ever experience conflict? Of course they do. Conflict is unavoidable and, when handled in a healthy way, can even result in benefits. Identifying strategies for building unity and minimizing unhealthy conflict among church volunteers are crucial steps in a ministry’s success.

In his doctoral dissertation, Shan Caldwell explored whether applying the recognized secular principles of conflict management and volunteer management would succeed in dealing with disputes among church volunteers. In this feature article, Caldwell shares a set of simple concepts with implications for any faith-based organization. By putting these concepts into action, Caldwell examines how the possibility for healthy, productive, and successful volunteer teams in any setting grows exponentially. 

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Sun, 11/24/2013
Working in a multicultural, multifaith environment where respect to diverity of patients, staff and voluteers is essential, Mr Caldwell's principles provide excellent and clear guidelines in a sytems approach to managing conflict prior to it developing. Linking in quotations that are relevant as pastoral care type examples / guidance may only be appropriate in a Christian only volunteer run for and by Christian support clients. Working on a holistic / multifaith volunteer supporting model would be great and a lot of work!

Thu, 11/28/2013
Really useful piece, with applications in a range of settings. ...v helpful referencing too. Thanks for taking the time to put this together.