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As a Volunteer Leader, you are entrusted with the stewardship of the sensitive, personal and private information that you and your agency gather and hold about your volunteers. And while most of us know we need to take care of this information, just how many Volunteer Managers…
April 2022
In Volunteer Engagement circles, we all too often hear tales of woe about minimal support or a lack of understanding of what we do. This sometimes leads us to view the world from a ‘glass half empty’ perspective, where we play the victim and not the victor! In this article,…
October 2021
Editor's Note:  Due to unfortunate circumstances, this issue's Ahead of the Curve on "End-to-End Impact: Crediting Volunteers with the Differences They Make" has been delayed but will appear in our July - September issue. In its place, we revisit a story on volunteer management…
April 2021
Susan J. Ellis was more than a passionate advocate for the change that great volunteering could make, and more than a passionate voice for the influence that Volunteer Engagement professionals could make while forging that change. She ‘walked the walk’ and ‘talked the talk.’ She…
July 2020
With technological advances growing at an ever-frantic pace, questions and concerns have been raised about the intersection of technology and volunteers. Are technological advances such as robotics, artificial intelligence, drones, and computers likely to displace many…
April 2019
After more than 30 years of working directly in a variety of volunteer leadership roles, Andy Fryar now works with volunteer involving organisations to assist them in establishing cloud-based software solutions. Along the way, Fryar has come to recognise that many volunteer…
July 2018
On November 5, 2014, for the 15th consecutive year, volunteer management professionals around the world will celebrate International Volunteer Managers Day (IVMDay). This global event acknowledges the people who lead volunteers, salutes them for their essential role in creating…
October 2014
This much is clear: Volunteer Centres are vital to build and sustain local and regional volunteer ecosystems. Often seen as the “one-stop” help for individuals looking to get involved in the community, Volunteer Centres are not only remarkable at surviving funding and policy…
April 2014
For nearly a decade, Susan J. Ellis, the publishing editor of e-Volunteerism, has been encouraging (read: nagging) Andy Fryar, the journal’s manuscript developer, to write about an innovative volunteer program that he oversees in Adelaide, South Australia. After nearly 10 years…
October 2013
What do stakeholders from around the world have to say about credentialing? As it turns out, plenty.  In this Voices feature, e-Volunteerism presents a compilation of short, personal views from stakeholders in various fields - a diverse set of voices speaking out on everything…
October 2011
An important international event on the global volunteering agenda kicked off 2011: the 21st World Volunteering Conference in January, sponsored by the International Association for Volunteer Effort (IAVE) and hosted in Singapore. The conference marked 10 years since the world…
January 2011
"Aging in Place" refers to the phenomenon of a volunteer having joined an organization years ago as a young or middle-aged person and, over time, has naturally grown older and is now losing some abilities.
July 2005
As advocates for volunteers, we are generally in the position of convincing administrators and frontline paid staff to be more creative in designing work for volunteers – to involve them more.
April 2005
Everyone in the volunteer world is intellectually in favor of involving people with disabilities as volunteers, but somehow – in practice – this is not happening as often as it could.
July 2004
Professional associations for volunteer program administrators are nothing new in North America, with the Association for Volunteer Administration (AVA) emerging as far back as 1960 and the Canadian Administrators of Volunteer Resources (CAVR) established in 1972.
April 2002
Here at e-Volunteerism we are constantly on the look out for "cutting edge" reports, practices and strategies we can share with our readers about the world of volunteerism. This month we take a look at one such report.
July 2001
The Keyboard Roundtable asked participants from the United States, Australia, Uruguay, the United Kingdom, Singapore and Denmark to comment on the structure and state of National volunteer centers or umbrella groups in each of their countries.
April 2001
The Global Perspectives Keyboard Roundtable asked colleagues from Wales, Korea, Australia, Switzerland and the United States to make comments on ways to maximise the International Year of Volunteers 2001 on a global scale. A number of key themes emerged:
January 2001
Participants from Australia, Italy, Brazil, Finland, Japan, Lebanon and North America
October 2000
Volunteering in New Zealand has developed significantly in recent years. Volunteering New Zealand (the national body serving the sector) is helping drive a new national volunteer management strategy to grow the profession across the country. At the same time, our Kiwi colleagues…
July 2010