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Formerly Keyboard Roundtable and Voices from the Pastthis section highlights voices from around the world who bring a different perspective to thought leadership in volunteer engagement through the use of various mediums (i.e., video conversations/interviews, translated articles, Instagram live takeovers). Co-editors are Tracey O'Neill, Australia; Breauna Dorelus, USA; Liza Dyer, USA; and Liora Arnon, Israel.  


In April 1973, the Saturday Review published a special business supplement, “Can the Businessman Meet Our Social Needs?” In this series of essays, noted business authority Peter F. Drucker and then New York City deputy mayor Edward K. Hamilton debated the pros and cons of this…
July 2011
In this issue, Rob Jackson’s feature story about volunteer rights describes and analyzes the unique Volunteer Rights Inquiry led by Volunteering England from 2009 to 2011. In this special, companion Voices presentation, Jackson interviews two key participants who were deeply…
April 2011
An important international event on the global volunteering agenda kicked off 2011: the 21st World Volunteering Conference in January, sponsored by the International Association for Volunteer Effort (IAVE) and hosted in Singapore. The conference marked 10 years since the world…
January 2011