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Election Year and Volunteer Engagement: There’s a Lot at Stake

Election Year and Volunteer Engagement: There’s a Lot at Stake

Dropping ballot in box

What does the volunteering movement want from politicians in an election year? What efforts should Volunteer Leaders make to try and influence political outcomes and government? What important issues should the sector rally around and why is advocacy in the political arena so difficult for Volunteer Engagement professionals? And last but not least, what exactly is this notion of “tragically hip” and “terminal uniqueness”?

With 90 countries around the globe facing election decisions in the next 18 months, the three Volunteer Engagement professionals in this engaging Points of View video conversation – Rob Jackson, Erin R. Spink and Faiza Venzant, CVA – ultimately conclude that “all of us have a responsibility and an opportunity” to answer these questions. So listen in, take notes and hold on. There’s a lot at stake. 

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Wed, 01/17/2024

Timely topic and great ideas!  Personally, I think governments should start providing tax deductions for people who volunteer. I believe that that would bring a lot more people into the sector. 

Love the format, too!

Mon, 01/22/2024

Thanks for this recording, I enjoyed the format. Rob, you asked about New Zealand and the government focus on wellbeing. Volunteers’ contribution to the wellbeing of New Zealand is now being measured and valued. The Government’s Living Standard Framework now includes indicators of volunteering – including participation in volunteering and informal volunteering by young people. With a more right-wing government recently elected, we are waiting to see the impact on our sector. We are likely to see a return to 'social investment' and also possibly greater devolution to the community for delivery of social services. I think it will be important to measure and evaluate the impact of volunteer engagement so that we can demonstrate our value.