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Elijah Goldberg

Elijah Goldberg is Vice President, Head of Giving, at Spiral, a U.S. financial tech company bringing people, charities and banking together to create a new world where giving is simple, accessible and financially rewarding.

Before joining Spiral in May 2021, Goldberg was VP, Impact Ratings at Charity Navigator (America's largest nonprofit ratings agency) since October 2020, after the company acquired the smaller, impact-focused charity evaluator called ImpactMatters. Goldberg formerly co-founded and led ImpactMatters, and launched Charity Navigator's first nonprofit impact rating after the acquisition. The new rating essentially helps people choose charities by how much they get done.

"To make smart decisions, donors need to know the impact of the nonprofits they are asked to support. Little information readily exists," said Goldberg. "Charity Navigator is filling this information gap with a rating system that takes explicit account of how much good the nonprofit achieves per dollar of cost." 

Goldberg also serves on the board of Walimu, a Ugandan and U.S. nonprofit he co-founded that reduces preventable deaths in Ugandan hospitals by enabling faster, better care. He is passionate about advancing evidence-based social programs and expanding access to psychiatric treatment.