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Tracey O’Neill, CVA

Tracey O’Neill, CVA, has been involved in volunteer engagement since 2001 and is currently the Manager of Volunteer Engagement at one of the largest metropolitan health services in Victoria, Australia. She recently spent one term as a board member of the Australasian Association for Managers of Volunteers. 

O'Neill is an advocate for effective volunteer management and developing advanced leadership training opportunities to develop and retain exceptional members of the sector. She is passionate about the elevation of the profession of volunteer engagement and has facilitated numerous presentations for the sector. She encourages leaders of volunteers to actively participate in enhancing the visibility, respect, and leadership skills of those in the profession. O'Neill would like to see volunteer management become a chosen career path and to see the role occupy senior leadership positions within organisations.

In 2017, O'Neill launched Volunteer Village, a blog designed to help create a global community of practice to continue to strengthen the impact and visibility of volunteer management through storytelling. In 2019, she was became co-editor of Voices for e-Volunteerism.