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Louise Rogers

Louise Rogers has been involved in the volunteer sector in Australia (with a particular focus in South Australia) for the past 25 years. Her passion and commitment to education and training has seen her directly involved in the development of the South Australian School of Volunteer Management (a registered training organisation) and the development and implementation of training and qualifications for volunteer program managers and volunteers.

Over the years, Rogers has been a member of a number of community boards and committees of management, including Volunteering SA&NT.

Rogers established and co-edited the Australian Journal on Volunteering (no longer in publication). She has also been involved in several research projects; co-authored a number of articles and co-authored Volunteer Management: An Essential Guide. Her most recent publication is Positive Ageing: Think Volunteering which she co-edited with Joy Noble, AM.

Rogers lives in Adelaide SA. As she moves into retirement and discovers her new found spare time, she is looking forward to indulging her twin passions: reading and travelling.