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Debbie Usiskin

Debbie Usiskin started volunteering regularly at the age of 14 and is still an active volunteer, serving as Vice Chair of the Association of Volunteer Managersin the UK. After a brief career in social work, Usiskin moved into training and development which included being responsible for design and delivery of training to volunteers, leading on all aspects of training around volunteer management, and representation on the working party developing National Occupational Standards for Managers of Volunteers.

After 10 years of volunteer specific work, Usiskin started freelancing as a consultant on volunteer issues. With an MA in Organisational Development, Usiskin is able to ensure that the strategies she develops are steeped in sound theoretical bases, as well as being practical to apply.  She is Associate Director (Volunteer Management) of the Red Foundation.

When not working, Usiskin enjoys travelling, singing and dancing and spending time with family and friends in all corners of the world.