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Nan Hawthorne

Nan is a web content developer and writer. She has been a volunteer resource manager, editor, indexer, desk jockey, and urban farmsteader. Her business,, has major contracts with eSight Careers Network, the Points of Light Foundation, and the Association for Volunteer Administration. More than half her time is spent with eSight, where she researches and writes articles on numerous aspects of career development for blind and partially sighted people like herself. (She acknowledges her huge debt to Dr. Tim Berners-Lee, the man who originally developed the web: "Without it I would not now be as embroiled in and successful as I am., The Internet is indeed a level playing field where the various types of intelligence can play their roles unfettered by the mere mechanics of the body.")

Nan volunteers a great deal, most prominently for Purrfect Pals No Kill Cat Shelter and Northwest Polymer Clay Guild. She has four kids: 11, 9, 9, and 4 months - they are all cats ("less laundry and NO college tuition!") and is just about to celebrate her 20th wedding anniversary with the love of her life, husband Jim.

Founder and President,, Seattle, WA, USA

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