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Faiza Venzant, CVA
From a young age, Faiza Venzant's parents instilled a strong sense of volunteerism in her and her two older brothers. As immigrants to Canada from Uganda in the early 70s, they made a successful transition into Canadian life with the help of many generous volunteers. A volunteer herself from a very… Read more
Joan Cardellino
Joan Cardellino just retired from a five-decade career engaging volunteers and community forces for good. Cardellino’s vision for modern, sociocratic volunteer engagement is what got the rest of us moving.  For more than 13 years, Cardellino managed a California Hospital Association statewide… Read more
Dana Litwin, CVA
Dana Litwin, CVA, is a globally recognized strategic advisor, speaker and advocate for civic service. Since 2002, she has guided organizations in California's Silicon Valley and nationwide to produce breakthrough volunteer and community engagement programs. Litwin is the creator of the YouTube… Read more
Todd McMullin
Todd McMullin graduated in Non-profit Business Administration (1993) and embarked on a journey to improve the world. Within three years he had founded a United Way chapter, a Volunteer Center, and a software company focused on volunteer recruiting & management. Following 9/11, he founded the… Read more
Edward Perry MBA, EdD (c)
Edward Perry is a research-practitioner with an extensive background on the intersection of the eCommerce, Technology and Hospitality industry. He has held various senior positions at the Hilton, Howard Johnson,and Ramada in the USA as well as executive level roles at Best Western’s Worldhotels… Read more
Dr. Robin Yap has deep expertise in performance and talent management, social data analytics, AI/Robot ethics, applied technology in business and entrepreneurial practices. He has seven academic degrees, over three dozen publications in both professional and academic journals and has authored five… Read more
Thu-Trang Tran
Thu-Trang Tran is the CEO of Volunteer West. Thu-Trang also serves as a Commissioner on the Victorian Building Authority Board and Victorian Liquor Commission, and a Board Director at Good Shepherd Australia New Zealand. Thu-Trang began her career as a commercial and information technology lawyer… Read more